Saturday, December 8, 2018


I love girls with glasses who are just a little bit naughty
MMMMMmmmmmmm, A long slow MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm followed by a sigh.


Evette is to put it simply wonderful, amazing and any other superlative you can think of. Her long dark curly hair, pretty eyes, sweet smile, great breasts and curvy figure and bush of pubic hair. This lovely girl is captivating and alluring enough in the pictures

Blanca and Gala

Blanca lays underneath Gala’s hairy wet vulva and pulls it down over her mouth, her tongue licking and tasting Gala’s wetness.
Flirting together these two natural and very horny girls make no efforts to hide what they really want from each other! Feverishly undressing, they move and experiment from one position to the next as they start to bring each other to climax.

Waterside Girls

What powerful classical imagery! This scene could have been so easily imagined by some ancient Greek artist – three water nymphs at play.
Our beautiful naiads had better watch out for satyrs… I’d certainly be apt to chase them


Underneath the glorious mid day sun, the vivid clear blue skies and lush greens of the outdoors wrap around gorgeous pale skinned Rosanna. Out side in the garden she plays and baths in the suns warming rays. Starting off in a bright pink little bikini she provocatively squirts blobs of thick white cream all over her chest; rubbing it over her body, under her top and around her breasts you can see her getting more and more turned on and the scene becoming hotter and hotter.
Then just as the heat of the day and her thoughts become too intense, the sprinkler system shoots on, showering her with an ice cold, refreshing mist of spray that beads on her freshly creamed figure. Her sun warmed skin tenses up and her nipples become taught as the cold water takes her body by surprise. Soon though Rosanna turns this wet surprise into a slippery, sexy and sensual sunbathing experience.
Defiantly gets you in the mood for some fun in sun!


Chahna’s been posting up a storm of the forums lately, she’s smart, funny, super approachable and loves meeting new people! So head over to her thread–í  today and chat to her about a delicious new intimate moment video featuring a stunning brunette with large almond eyes and large, natural breasts…Tasty!


Danicka has a very spicy, naughty character as projected through the lens. I find her fascinating! Yum!! I’m obsessed with the breasts and nipples, not even for the wisps of hair. They’re just so pink and saucy and inviting!


A delight to watch and listen to as Patty, to the accompaniment of birdsong, the rustle of fabric sensuously undresses and begins to play first with fingers then her toy. All is beautifully captured by Patience in a delicious medley of scenes, over the shoulder as Patty lies on the sofa a little later from below as she kneels facing the camera, wonderfully capturing the ecstatic expressions on her face, splendid scenes from all angles and distances.


Her short dress gets lifted up as Denna stretches her arms. Beautiful natural light bounces her soft lick-able skin while she teases with her sexy body and smile. She slowly rolls her panties down her long legs letting them rest on her ankles as she touches her wet pussy. Denna pushes her perfect bum cheeks up giving wild inviting looks as she squats on her toes and parts her knees.

Panty Stuffing

Leaning towards Livia, Cornelia playfully caresses her body as the girls mess around. Firmly squeezing Cornelia’s breasts, Livia kisses her softly, while Cornelia aims towards Livia’s pubic region, rubbing her hand against her panties.
As they continue to undress each other, Livia kneels before Cornelia, placing her hand in between her legs as she pulls her panties aside, uncovering her hairy pussy as she licks her devotedly, playing with her tongue against her clitoris before stuffing her panties inside her, impregnating them of Cornelia’s odour before taking them out and putting them inside her mouth.